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Are Workers Being Paid Their Product? Watch Out for Misleading Charts

Dr. Jonathan Newman joins Bob to break down the data used in a popular productivity vs. pay graph. They show why you should be wary of charts coming from agenda-driven institutions and how you can spot manipulated data.

The charts mentioned during this episode are available at: Mises.org/HAP414Charts

Gene Epstein on the Bob Murphy Show: Mises.org/HAP414a
The Economic Policy Institute 2022 Paper: Mises.org/HAP414b
The Economic Policy Institute 2015 Paper: Mises.org/HAP414c
Gene Epstein’s Mises University ‘Dirty Data’ Lecture: Mises.org/HAP414d
FRED Blog Post on the Chart and Price Indices: Mises.org/HAP414e


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