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Dear Friend,

In the chapter of The Road to Serfdom entitled “The End of Truth,” F.A. Hayek wrote that in a totalitarian society “truth” is not determined by scholarship, research, discussion, and debate but by pronouncements by the government “authorities.” Anthony Fauci’s notorious “I am science” declaration is a perfect example of such totalitarian thinking, as is Al Gore’s “settled science” declaration regarding global-warming research. Of course, no real scientist would say that scientific questions are ever “settled” forevermore. It was once “settled science” that Earth is flat, after all, and that government can make us all rich thanks to the “multiplier effect” of government spending.

But that’s just one arm of the totalitarian scissors. The other arm is that all dissenting opinions must be censored and those who make them run out of society. That is the end goal of Hayek’s “totalitarians in our midst,” who are especially prevalent in today’s “high tech” industries.

The Mises Institute is once again under attack by the totalitarians among us. On November 16 YouTube suspended our YouTube channel for seven days for the twin crimes of airing the great talks by Dr. Naomi Wolf at the Supporters Summit and by the heroic Dr. Peter McCullough. An earlier talk by Tom Woods on covid tyranny was also censored by YouTube. It is in one sense a badge of honor that the leftist ideologues who run YouTube recognize what a threat to their ideology the Mises Institute is. Don’t trade with the enemy and rely on such socialist propaganda organs as YouTube to get our content. Go instead to sites like Rumble or, better yet, go directly to the Mises Institute website and join our email list, and please continue to support our work in educating the world about the real truth of the superiority of freedom over tyranny and of economic freedom over socialist hell.

The good news is that we are winning the war of ideas. That’s why we are being targeted by the likes of the YouTube censors. Your help in assisting us in our efforts to expose these tyrants for who they truly are is greatly appreciated!

Tom DiLorenzo
President, Mises Institute

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