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Mises Institute Awards

The Gary G. Schlarbaum Prize

For excellence in research and teaching for a promising young scholar.

2022 Per Bylund2021 Jonathan Newman2021 Karl-Friedrich Israel2020  Patrick Newman2019  Timothy D. Terrell2018  Lucas Engelhardt2017  Carmen Dorobat and Matthew McCaffrey2016  David Howden2015  Philipp Bagus​2014  Tom Woods

For lifetime defense of liberty, awards $10,000 to a public intellectual or distinguished scholar (1999-2012).

2012  Butler Shaffer2011  Walter Block2010  Jim Rogers2009  Jesus Huerta de Soto2008  Pascal Salin2007  Robert Higgs2006  Hans-Hermann Hoppe 2005  William H. Peterson2004  Hans F. Sennholz2003  Ron Paul2002  Bettina Bien Greaves2001  Antony GN Flew2000  Ralph Raico1999  Otto von Habsburg

Murray N. Rothbard Medal of Freedom

In recognition of significant and wide-ranging libertarian leadership, as a scholar or public intellectual, established through the generosity of George W. Connell.

2017 Judge Andrew P. Napolitano2015  Robert Higgs2015  Hans-Hermann Hoppe2012  Douglas E. French2008  Ron Paul2006  David Gordon2005  Walter Block2004  Gary North2003  Burton Blumert

The Peterson-Luddy Chair in Austrian Economics at the Mises Institute

Established through the generosity of William H. Peterson and Robert L. Luddy to support research, teaching, and leadership in Austrian economics. 

2021 Mark Thornton2018-2020   Jörg Guido Hülsmann​2015-2017  Joseph T. Salerno

The Lawrence W. Fertig Prize in Austrian Economics

$1,500 to the author of a paper that best advances economic science in the Austrian tradition

2022 Vytautas Žukauskas Measuring the Quality of Money

2020-2021 Kristoffer Mousten Hansen The Menger-Mises Theory of the Origin of Money—Conjecture or Economic Law

2019  Jeffrey M. Herbener ​  Time and the Theory of Cost

2018   Arkadiusz Sieron   The Non-Price Effects of Monetary Inflation2017  Jeffrey M. Herbener and David J. Rapp  Toward a Subjective Approach to Investment Appraisal in Light of Austrian Value Theory2016  Patrick Newman  The Depression of 1873-1879: An Austrian Perspective2015  Per Bylund   Ronald Coase’s ‘Nature of the Firm’ and the Argument for Economic Planning2014  Andreas Hoffmann and Gunther Schnabl Monetary Nationalism and International Economic Instability2013  Laura Davidson Against Monetary Disequilibrium Theory and Fractional Reserve Free Banking2012  Malavika Nair  Money or Money Substitutes? Implications of Selgin’s Small Change Challenge2011  Xavier Méra, “Factor Prices Under Monopoly“2010  Matthew McCaffrey, “Entrepreneurship, Economic Evolution, and the End of Capitalism: Reconsidering Schumpeter’s Thesis“2009  Mateusz Machaj, “Market Socialism and the Property Problem: Different Perspectives of the Socialist Calculation Debate“2007  Renaud Fillieule, “The ‘Value-Riches’ Model: An Alternative to Garrison’s Model in the Austrian Macroeconomics of Growth and Cycle“2005  Samuel Bostaph, “Wieser on Economic Calculation under Socialism“2003  Nikolay Gertchev, “The Case Against Currency Boards“2001 Joseph Salerno, “The Place of Human Action in the Development of Modern Economic Thought

The O.P. Alford III Prize in Political Economy

$1,500 to the author of the paper that best advances libertarian scholarship.

2022 Joseph T. Salerno, Carmen Elena Dorobăț, and Matthew C. McCaffrey Monopoly as a ‘Culture-history Fact’: Knight, Menger, and the Role of Institutions

2020-2021 Tate Fegley Police Unions and Officer Privileges 

2019  Mark Thornton   Incorporating Cantillon: A Face and a Family for the First Modern Economist?

2018  Pavel Ryska   Deflation and Economic Growth: The Great Depression as the Great Outlier2017  Philipp Bagus, David Howden, and Amadeus Gabriel Reassessing the Ethicality of Some Common Financial Practices2016  David Howden and Yang Zhou  Why Did China’s Population Grow So Quickly?2015  Carmen Elena Dorobat  Foreign Policy and Domestic Policy Are But One System: Mises on International Organizations and the World Trade Organization2014  G.P. Manish Market Reforms in India and the Quality of Economic Growth2013  William Butos Monetary Orders and Institutions: A Hayekian Perspective2012   Thorsten Polleit and Jonathan Mariano Credit Default Swaps from the Viewpoint of Libertarian Property Rights and Contract Theory2011  Philipp Bagus: “Austrian Business Cycle Theory: Are 100 Percent Reserves Sufficient to Prevent a Business Cycle?”2010  Gil Guillory and Patrick C. Tinsley, “The Role of Subscription-Based Patrol and Restitution in the Future of Liberty“2008  Robert F. Mulligan, “Time Preference and Property Rights“2006  J.G. Hülsmann, “Fact and Counterfactuals in Economic Law“2004  Thomas E. Woods, “Symposium on Federalism, War, and Reconstruction“2002  Stephan Kinsella, “Against Intellectual Property

Ludwig von Mises Entrepreneurship Award

Certificate and beautifully inscribed medallion awarded to businesspeople exhibiting entrepreneurial success and devotion to the free-market ideal.

2023   Benard Koether, Kitchen Brains2018   William Lowndes III, Tindall Corporation2017   Francisco Garcia Parames, Cobas AM2016   James M. Rodney, Detroit Forming, Inc.2014   Louis E. Carabini, Monex2013  Henry Getz, Morton Buildings 2010  James M. Wolfe, Pasco Washington2006  Robert L. Luddy, Econ-Air, Inc.

The George F. Koether Free-Market Writing Award

A medal and a $2,500 honorarium, presented for an outstanding book or essay.

2019  Patrick Newman: Editor, Conceived in Liberty, Volume 52018  Hunter Lewis: Economics in Three Lessons and One Hundred Economic Laws2016  Ron Paul: Swords into Plowshares2012  Thomas J. DiLorenzo: Organized Crime: The Unvarnished Truth About Government2009  Thomas Woods: Meltdown2008  Judge Andrew Napolitano: A Nation of Sheep

The Elgin Groseclose Award

$20 Liberty Head Double Eagle, goes to the best piece of money writing in the previous year.

The Douglas E. French Prize

$2,500 for the student who emerges from the Mises University oral examinations with the best record, as chosen by the examining committee.

2022    Benjamin Seevers, Grove City College2021    Chase Roycroft, Mises Institute Graduate School2020    David Hoffa, Michigan State University College of Law2019    Christian Mullins, George Mason University2018    HJ Lee, University of Wisconsin-Madison2017    Kristoffer Hansen, University of Angers2016    Hunter Morris, Baylor University2015    Karl-Friedrich Israel, University of Angers, France2014    Kyle Marchini, Grove City College2013    James Chappelow, University of Missouri2012    Patrick Newman, Rutgers University2011   Jakub Wisniewski of Queen Mary, University of London2010   G.P. Manish of Suffolk University2009   Ed Perry of Indiana University2008   David Howden of Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, Spain2007   Benjamin Darrington of Yale University2006   Mateusz Machaj of the University of Wroclaw, Poland

Kenneth Garschina Prizes at Mises University and the Austrian Economics Research Conference

$1,500 for the student who emerges from the Mises University oral examinations with the second best record, as chosen by the examining committee.

2022   Luan Valério, Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais2021  Porter Burkett, University of South Carolina2020  Porter Burkett, University of South Carolina

$750 for the student who emerges from the Mises University oral examinations with the third best record, as chosen by the examining committee.

2022    Reece Smith, Allegheny College2021   Samuel Cartagena-Sergenian, Raritan Valley Community College2020  Benjamin Bies, Hillsdale College

Kenneth Garschina Prize at the Austrian Economics Research Conference
 $1,500 for the best graduate student paper at the Austrian Economics Research Conference

2022 Jeffery L. Degner, University of Angers, “Cantillon Effects and the ‘Coming Apart’ of the American Family Experience: How Inflationary Monetary Policy Alters Family Life”

2021 Kesong Wang, Hokkaido University, “A Further Clarification of Ludwig von Mises as a Currency School Free Banker”

2021 Second place $500, Pedro Alemida Jorge, Universidad Francisco Marroquín , “The Two Traditions of Marginalist Thought”

2021 Third place $250, Jeffrey Degner, University of Angers, “Family Economics and the Socialist State: The Calculation Problem Applied to Eastern Bloc Fertility Economics”

2020   Kristoffer Hansen, University of Angers, “Are Free-market Fiduciary Media Possible?”

2020  Second place $500, Bernardo Ferrero, Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, “The Myth of the Developmental State: An Austrian Perspective”

Grant Aldrich Prize 

$1,000 for the best graduate student paper at Austrian Economics Research Conference 

2019    Nicholas Cooper, George Mason University, “Reinterpreting the Historical Episode of the Bank of Amsterdam”2018   Tate Fegly, George Mason University, “Policing and Economic Calculation”2017   Louis Rouanet, Paris Institute of Political Studies, “Monetary Policy, Asset Price Inflation and Inequality”

$1,000 for the second-highest score on the Mises University oral examination

2019    Vytautas Zukauskas, University of Angers2018    Bernardo Ferrero, School of Oriental and African Studies, London2017   Joakim Book, University of Glasgow

$500 for the third-highest score on the Mises University oral examination

2019   Antón Chamberlin, Troy University2018   Yannis Petrzak, Hillsdale College2017   Benjamin Juhlin, Stockholm Sweden2016   Daniel Sánchez Piñol Yulee, Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, Spain

George and Joele Eddy Prize

$1,500 for the second-highest score on the Mises University examinations, and $750 for the third-highest score. (2007 – 2015). $1,800 for second-highest score (2016)

2016   George Pickering, London School of Economics2015   Louis Rouanet, Paris Institute of Political Science2014   Matei Apavaloaei (2nd Place), Academy of Economic Studies, Bucharest; and Edgar Duarte Aguilar (3rd Place), Francisco Marroquin University2013   Daniel Costa (2nd Place), University of Porto School of Economics, Portugal, and Michael Leahy (3rd Place), Saint Joseph’s University2012   Matthew McCaffrey (2nd Place), University of Angers, and Wolf von Laer (3rd Place), University Rey Juan Carlos2011   Samuel Selikoff  (2nd Place), Boston College, and Robyn Harte-Bunting (3rd Place), University Rey Juan Carlos and University of Angers2010  Jakub Wisniewski (2nd Place), Queen Mary, University of London,
          Matthew McCaffrey (3rd Place), University of Angers2009  G.P. Manish (2nd Place) of Suffolk University, Christopher Oppermann (3rd Place) of Holy Spirit Preparatory School2008  Gary Danelishen (2nd Place) of Auburn University, Gennady Stolyarov (3rd Place) of Hillsdale College2007  Helene Haabegaard of the University of Copenhagen (2nd Place), Jack Parker of the University of Alabama (3rd Place)

Mündliche Prüfung Conference Examinations

Mises University 2022 overall results

57 students took the preliminary written exam, 16 proceeded to oral exams         Passed oral exams:  Evelyn Grant (Stirling University), Daniel Luster (Regent University), Joshua Mawhorter (Mises Institute Graduate School), Alexander Zeilstra (Grove City College), Ryan Turnipseed (Oklahoma State University), David Crego (Hampden-Sydney College), and Liam McCollum (University of Montana)Passed oral exams with honors Zachary Wood (Grove City College), Joshua Schubert (Trinity School for Ministry), Benjamin Seevers (Grove City College), Reece Smith (Allegheny College), and Luan Valério (Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais)Douglas E. French Prize for Most Learned:  Benjamin Seevers (Grove City College)Kenneth Garschina Second Prize: Luan Valério (Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais)Kenneth Garschina Third Prize: Reece Smith (Allegheny College)

Mises University 2020 overall results

40 students took the preliminary written exam, 13 proceeded to oral exams         Passed oral exams:  Marcel Gautreau (George Mason University); Antòn Chamberlin (Troy University); Devin Cooper (McNeese State University); Mitchell Robson (University of Chicago); Karras Lambert (George Mason University); Levi Edwards (University of California, Irvine)Passed oral exams with honors Benjamin Bies (Hillsdale College); Porter Burkett (University of South Carolina); David Hoffa (Michigan State University College of Law)Douglas E. French Prize for Most Learned:  David Hoffa (Michigan State University College of Law)Kenneth Garschina Second Prize: Porter Burkett (University of South Carolina)Kenneth Garschina Third Prize: Benjamin Bies (Hillsdale College)

Mises University 2019 overall results

78 students took the preliminary written exam, 19 proceeded to oral exams         Passed oral exams:  Juan Ignacio Ibañez  (Catholic University of Cordoba); Thomas McGugin (Tenneessee Tech University) ;  Noah Mickel (Missouri Univerisity of Science and Technology);  Rohan Rai  (Washington University in St. Louis);  Nate Strum (University of Mobile);  Evan Vincent  (Oakland University)Passed oral exams with honors  Katherine Agent  ;   Antón Chamberlin (Troy University);  Jacob Dowell  (Saint Louis University);  Levi Edwards (State Univerity of New York at Potsdam)  ;  Alan Futerman (Torcuato Di Tella University);   Gor Mkrtchian (Texas Tech University);  Christian Mullins (George Mason University);  Ohad Osterreicher (University of Bayreuth);  Vytautas Zukauskas (University of Angers)Douglas E. French Prize for Most Learned:  Christian Mullins (George Mason University)Grant Aldrich Second Prize: Vytautas Zukauskas (University of Angers)Grant Aldrich Third Prize: Antón Chamberlin (Troy University)

Mises University 2018 overall results written exam, 18 proceeded to oral exams

83 candidates took the preliminary written exam, 18 proceeded to oral exams​Passed oral exams:  Chris Calton (University of Florida); Benjamin Juhlin (Stockholm, Sweden); Luke Marcus (Bowling Green State University); Vitor Melo (Gettysburg College); Agnieszka Plonka (Utrecht University); James Reilly (Carthage College); and Julius Uotila (University of Nottingham Ningbo)Passed oral exams with honors: Anton Chamberlin (Troy State University); Bernardo Ferrero (Soas University of London), Marcel Gautreau (George Mason University); Kevin Hitchings (George Washington University); HJ Lee (University of Wisconsin-Madison); Mohammed Younes Megrini (Paris-Diderot University); and Yannis Petrzak (Hillsdsale College)Douglas E. French Prize for Most Learned: HJ Lee (University of Wisconsin-Madison)Grant Aldrich Second Prize: Bernardo Ferrero (Soas University of London)Grant Aldrich Third Prize: Yannis Petrzak (Hillsdale College)

Mises University 2017 overall results

59 candidates took the preliminary written exam, 19 proceeded to oral exams​Passed oral exams:  Alexander Cline (The Independent School), Michael DeGan (Ivy Tech College), Nathan Keeble (Walters State College), Luke Marcus (Bowling Green State University), HJ Lee (University of Wisconsin, Madison), Curtis Williams (San Diego State University)Passed oral exams with honors: Fernando D’Andrea (Politecnico di Milano), Bernardo Ferrero (Soas University of London), Christian Newman (University of Arkansas, Fort Smith), Kurtly Wallace (Monash University)Douglas E. French Prize for Most Learned: Kristoffer Hansen (University of Angers)Grant Aldrich Second Prize: Joakim Book (University of Glasgow)Grant Aldrich Third Prize: Benjamin Juhlin (Stockholm University)

Mises University 2014 overall results

64 candidates took the written exam, 30 were admitted to oral exams, 6 proceeded to finalFinalists:  Edgar Duarte Aguilar, Matei Apavaloaei, Davis Bourne, Kyle Marchini, Jonathan Newman, and Arkadiusz SieronPassed Oral Exam with Honors: Edgar Duarte Aguilar (Francisco Marroquin University, Guatemala), Matei Apavaloaei (University of Economic Studies, Bucharest), Davis Bourne (Millsaps College), Blaine Kelley (Illinois Central College), Paulo Kogos (Insper Institute of Education & Research, Brazil), Kyle Marchini (Grove City Colllege), Jonathan Newman (Auburn University), Brice Rothschild (Paris XI University), Arkadiusz Sieron (University of Wroclaw, Poland)Passed Oral Exam: Matt Battaglioli (John Tyler College), Guilherme Benezra (Escola Superior de Popaganda e Marketing, Brazil), Joakim Book (University of Glasgow), Georg Buhler (University of Mannheim, Germany), Douglas Calder (Clemson University), Joel Crenshaw (Liberty University), Eric Faden (Florida International University), Darrell Falconburg (College of Idaho), Juan Igarzabal (Broward College), Lasse Kristensen (Aalborg University, Denmark), Savannah Liston ( Veritas et Libertas), Daniel Rothschild (San Jose State University), John Soriano (Duke University), Carel van der Linden (Tilburg University, Netherlands), Jonathan Wilbur (University of Florida)

         Mises University 2013 overall results

85 candidates took the written exam, 21 were admitted to oral exams, 6 proceeded to finalFinalists:  Edgar Duarte Aguilar, James Chappelow, Daniel Costa, Michael Leahy, Matthew Schaffer, Wolf von LaerPassed Oral Exam with Honors: James Chappelow (University of Missouri), Daniel Costa (University of Porto), Edgar Duarte Aguilar (Francisco Marroquin University), Michael Leahy (Saint Joseph’s University), Jonathan Newman (Auburn University), Matthew Schaffer (Central Michigan University), Wolf von Laer (King’s College London)Passed Oral Exam: Matthew Advent (Benedictine College), Daniel Bennett (Wofford College), Davis Bourne (Millsaps College), Joseph Diedrich (University of Wisconsin, Madison), Ryan Griggs (Mises Academy Intern), Jared Hausmann (Saint Louis University), Andrew Herbener (Grove City College), Blaine Kelley (Illinois Central College), (Alexander Kelly (Wofford College), Jan Skapa (Brno University of Technology), Christopher Zimny (State College of Florida)

         Mises University 2012 overall results

79 candidates took the written exam, 25 were admitted to oral exam, 6 proceeded to final examFinalists:  Mattheus von Guttenberg, Wolf von Laer, Christopher Oppermann, Patrick Newman, Mateusz Benedyk, Matthew McCaffreyPassed Oral Exam with Honors: Christopher Oppermann (Harvard University), Kristoffer Hansen (University of Oxford), Patrick Newman (Rutgers University),  Wolf von Laer (University Rey Juan Carlos), Gabriel Oliva (Unversity Sao Paulo), Matthew McCaffrey (University of Angers), David Grzybowski (Case Western Reserve University), Mateusz Benedyk (University of Wroclaw)Passed Oral Exam: Tabor Barranti (Johns Hopkins University), Justin Bradfield (Johns Hopkins University), Stephen Farrington (University of Central Florida), Walter Melnik (Michigan State University), Andy Herbener (Grove City College), Ted Sonnier (Carnegie Mellon University), Mattheus von Guttenberg (Flagler College), Edgar Carlos Duarte Aguilar (Universidad Francisco Marroquin), Eric Perkerson (University of Georgia)

         Mises University 2011 overall results

125 candidates took the written exam, 33 were admitted to oral examPassed Oral Exam with Honors: Danny Hintze, Thomas Vergote, Ed Dehm, Jose Mora, Raymond Walter, David Grzybowski, Abhinandan Mallick, Matthew McCaffrey Passed Oral Exam: Bardhyl Salihu, David Bholat, Walter Melnik, Daniel Rodrigues Carreiro, Anita Acavalos, Ted Sonnier, Patch Newman, Daniel Krawisz, Cameron Belt, Michael Wiebe, Brent Myren, Hendrik Hagedorn

         Mises University 2010 overall results

122 candidates, 28 admitted to oral exam after written testHonors: Zachary Caceres, Lode Cossaer, Robyn Harte-Bunting, Stan Kwiatkowski, G.P. Manish, Matthew McCaffrey, Xavier Mera, Chris Oppermann, Leonid Shapiro, Jacub Wisniewski, Ken ZahringerPassed: Dante Bayona, Mateusz Benedyk, Maciej Bitner, Aaron Brown, Oscar Rodriguez Carreiro, Daniel Danta, Paul Labro, Dion MacDonald, Michael Marsocci, Sam Selikoff, Raymond WalterDouglas French Prize for Most Learned ($3,000): G.P. ManishGeorge and Joele Eddy Prize, Second Place ($1000): Jakub WisniewskiGeorge and Joele Eddy Prize, Third Place ($500): Matthew McCaffrey

         Mises University 2009 overall results

129 candidates; 22 admitted to the oral exam after written testHonors: Grant Babcock, Lode Cossaer, G.P. Manish, Matt McCaffrey, Xavier Mera, Malavika Nair, Christopher Oppermann, Ed Perry, Toban WiebePassed: Michael Douma, Philip Impellizzeri, Guillem Laporta, David Leighton, Abhinandan Mallick, Ted Phalan, Raymond Walter, Michael Wiebe, Guillaume VuillermeyDouglas French Prize for Most Learned ($3,000): Ed Perry George and Joele Eddy Prize, Second Place ($1000): G.P. ManishGeorge and Joele Eddy Prize, Third Place ($500): Christopher Oppermann

         Mises University 2008 overall results

82 candidates; 29 admitted to the oral exam after written testHonors: Serenity Wang, Stanislaw Kwiatkowski, Gary Danelishen, Jeff Henderson, David Howden, Gennady Stolyarov, Matt McCaffrey, Marcin ZielinskiPassed:David Snead, Marco Brun del Re, Jorg Merret, Jordan Carley, Norman Horn, Daniel Luna, Max Raskin, Anne Longman, Toban Wiebe, Ed Perry, Christopher Oppermann, Kelsey Winther, Sebastian Quick, Matt Mortellaro, Brandon Harnish, Graham NearyDouglas French Prize for Most Learned ($2,500): David HowdenGeorge and Joele Eddy Prize, Second Place ($1000): Gary DanelishenGeorge and Joele Eddy Prize, Third Place ($500): Gennady Stolyarov

         Mises University 2007 overall results

51 candidates; 20 admitted to the oral exam after written testHonors: Daniel D’Amico, Benjamin Darrington, Helene Haabegaard, Jack ParkerPassed: Eduard Braun, Marco Brun del Re, Dmitry Chernikov, Nick Curott, Benjamin Eberlei, Martin Fronek, Karl Gregory, Daniel Halvarsson, Juliusz Jablecki, Robert Orndofff, Robert Rahn, Max Raskin, Nathan Shore, Alex WellerDouglas French Prize for Most Learned ($2,500): Benjamin DarringtonGeorge and Joele Eddy Prize, Second Place ($1000): Helene HaabegaardGeorge and Joele Eddy Prize, Third Place ($500): Jack Parker

         Mises University 2006 overall results

53 candidates; 23 admitted to the oral exam after written testHonors: Aaron Singleton, Philipp Bagus, Philip Ruijs, Carl Jacobsson, Jack Parker, David Heinrich, Mateusz MachajPassed: Daniel Carreiro, Tomasz Maslanka, Anthony Gregory, Elliot Olson, Matt Simpson, Manny Glover, Manuel Abalo, Amadeus Gabriel, Eric Phillips, Marcin ZielinskiDouglas French Prize for most learned ($2,500): Mateusz Machaj

         Mises University 2005 overall results (out of 34) H-4, P-15

Honors: Pavel Chalupnicek, Devin Gould, Juliusz Jablecki, Randall McElroyPassed: Jan Krepelka, Geoffrey Plauche, Mike Dougherty, Allan Medwick, Marissa Slany, William Mullen, Ron Brown, Lukasz Szostak, Daniel Halvarsson, Christopher Byrnes, Art Moy, Francis Dumouchel, Rafael Raciborski, David Heinrich, David van der Goes

         Mises University 2004, Session Two overall results (out of 28): H-5, P-10

Honors: Lisa Casanova, Matt Machaj, Jacob Lyles, Peter van Maanen, Barret SnipesPassed: Remigijus Simasius, Daniel D’Amico, Anthony Batty, David Skarbek, Bretigne Shaffer, Cameron Carswell, Miloslav Zajicek, Matt Bower, Jeffrey Zhang, Pawel Skrzynecki

         Mises University 2004, Session One overall results (out of 16): H-1, P-6

Honors: Adam MartinPassed: David Heinrich, Rafal Raciborski, Simon Bilo, Ale Hartmann, Aaron Gunn, Harry David

         Mises University 2003 overall results (out of 23): H-2, P-7

Honors: Juan Fernando Carpio, Lucas EngelhardtPassed: Juan Fernando Aldana, Peter Anderson, Josh Bachmann, Nicholas Curott, James William Kimball, Andrew Neumann, Braden Robinson

        Rothbard Graduate Seminar 2003 overall results (out of 6): H-2, P-2

Honors: Jan Havel, Peter van MaanenPassed: Brad Barlow, Stephen Carson

         Mises University 2002 overall results (out of 34): H-5, P-15

Honors: Michael Boyle, Philipp Bagus, Andrew Kashdan, Dag Rowe, Noah TylerPassed: Bibiana Gomez, Art Carden, Jack Estill, Scott Rosen, Jim Massey, Ben Kelly, Justin Newton, Carl-Magnus Ewerhard, Scott Bushee, Jeremy Livingston, Radek Nemecek, Brad Barlow, Marcus Epstein, Arthur Foulkes, Matus Petrik

        Rothbard Graduate Seminar 2002 overall results (out of 9): H-3, P-3

Honors: Philipp Bagus, Oskaari Juurikkala, Matus PetrikPassed: Art Carden, Gustavo Souza, Tibor Silber

        Human Action Seminar 2002 overall results (out of 6): H-1, P-3

Honors: Gustavo Matta y TrejoPassed: Jan Havel, Oskaari Juurikkala, Luis Lopez

         History of Liberty 2002 overall results (out of 6): P-2, H-2

Honors: Brad Barlow, Jason JewellPassed: Ed Zeman, Howard Schmidt


Austrian Economics Research Conference Named Lectures




HazlittHayekMisesRothbardLou ChurchSpecial Guest Lecture 2021Steve MariottiDouglas RasmussenSamuel BostaphMatthew McCaffreyFrancis Beckwith  2020cancelled due to Covid      2019Robert LuddyRandy HolcombeMichael RectenwaldDavid DurrDaniel AjamianHans-Hermann Hoppe 2018James BovardRoger GarrisonKevin DowdRichard EbelingShawn Ritenour  2017David M. HartPaul RubinGlenn FoxPer BylundYousif Almoayyed  2016David CowanBruce YandleJeffrey HerbenerPaul GottfriedGuido Hulsmann  2015John TamnyPatrick ByrneHans-Hermann HoppeWilliam BoyesJohn Mueller  2014Jim GrantEdwin DolanJ. Huston McCullochPeter KleinJudge Andrew P. Napolitano  


Robert WenzelNikolay GertchevDominick ArmentanoBrendan BrownGary North  2012Hunter LewisNicolai FossRenaud FillieuleDavid HowdenDavid Gordon 



David StockmanWilliam ButosHelio BeltraoPhilipp BagusMustafa Akyol 



Caroline BaumRobert MurphySteven KatesMark ThorntonGerard CaseyPaul Cantor and John Papola


2009Peter SchiffGeorge SelginThorsten PolleitRoberta ModugnoDaniel Lapin 


2008Martin FridsonLorenzo InfantinoLarry SechrestStephan KinsellaLaurence Vance 


2007Declan McCullaghGerald SteeleAntony MuellerEdward Stringhamn/a 


2006William L. AndersonRobert HiggsJosef SimaRoderick LongRobert MurphyMichael Rozeff


2005Alberto MingardiEdward FeserThomas DiLorenzoMark ThorntonRobert NelsonMartin van Creveld


2004Sean CorriganToby BaxendaleRichard EbelingJoseph StrombergThomas WoodsYuri Maltsev


2003Gene CallahanSudha ShenoyJohn CochranButler ShafferTimothy Terrell 


2002James BovardRonald HamowyPaul CantorWalter Blockn/a 


2001Tom BethellChandran KukathasGeorge ReismanDavid Gordonn/a 


2000Gene EpsteinDonald LivingstonDavid ConwayJoseph Salernon/a 


1999Charles AdamsRoger BackhausMorgan ReynoldsHans-Hermann Hoppen/a 


1998James GlassmanJeremy ShearmurLeland YeagerHenri LePagen/a 


1997lectures not named    Jesus Huerta de Soto, Barry Smith, Irving Louis Horowitz, Raimondo Cubeddu


1996lectures not named    Anthony de Jasay, Michael Prowse, Hans Sennholz, JoAnn Rothbard



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