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Three Cheers for Mises

Today marks the birthday of Ludwig von Mises, and day 5 of our annual Fall Campaign.

The intellectual achievements of Ludwig von Mises make him one of the greatest minds in human history. His contributions to Austrian economics inspired new generations of scholars, from Murray Rothbard and F.A. Hayek to current leaders like Joe Salerno, Ron Paul, and Patrick Newman. He is the most powerful intellectual opponent to socialism the world has ever known, and his work on money and credit remains essential to understanding the corruption of the modern economy. Thanks to our generous donors, the Mises Institute continues to publish his great works, inspiring generations of freedom champions around the world, from the United States to China, from Eastern Europe to South America.

Mises was not simply a great scholar, however. He was a heroic example for those that came after. Time and time again, Mises faced political pressure and incentives to substitute his beliefs for a more lucrative career. At every point, he refused to compromise truth for comfort, tirelessly defending the ideas vital for future civilizations to prosper and thrive.

Lew Rockwell founded the Mises Institute to promote Mises’s work and has dedicated its operation to following our namesake’s courageous example.

This week we are asking those similarly inspired by Mises’s example to make a small gift of $5 or renew their membership for $100.

With your donation today, you will receive Ten Great Economic Myths, a classic by Murray Rothbard. We will also list you on mises.org as a supporter! This minibook is the perfect introduction for minds seeking to better understand the realities of the world today and will sharpen the arguments of anyone already well versed in Austrian economics. Your donation will allow us to keep lit the torch of civilized society that has been entrusted to us.

Your donation will allow us to keep lit the torch of civilized society that has been entrusted to us.

In the words of Mises:

“No one can find a safe way out for himself if society is sweeping towards destruction. Therefore everyone, in his own interests, must thrust himself vigorously into the intellectual battle. None can stand aside with unconcern; the interests of everyone hang on the result. Whether he chooses or not, every man is drawn into the great historical struggle, the decisive battle into which our epoch has plunged us.”

Help us stand for civilization. Help us stand for liberty. Help us stand for Ludwig von Mises.

Please donate today.

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