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Trump Indicted for Crimes Against Democracy

On this episode of Radio Rothbard, Ryan McMaken and Tho Bishop look at the latest indictment of Donald Trump. While many are exhausted with the theater of modern politics, DC’s escalating attacks reveal the state’s true anatomy. Any challenge to the state’s legitimacy — like questioning an election — must be crushed.

Recommended Reading

“The United States vs. Donald J. Trump” by Tho Bishop: Mises.org/RR_145_A

“If Congress Were Genuinely Interested in Democracy, They Would Welcome an Election Commission” by Tho Bishop: Mises.org/RR_145_B

“Trump’s Potential Legacy: 50 Million+ Enemies of the State” by Tho Bishop: Mises.org/RR_145_C

“America’s Elites—Not Trump—Are Responsible for Undermining American Democracy” by Tho Bishop: Mises.org/RR_145_D

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