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What the Trump Indictment Tells Us about the Regime

Ryan and Tho talk about why Trump is the only former president to be prosecuted for crimes. The ruling class has agreed to not prosecute their own, but since they see Trump as an outsider, he is fair game. In truth, we’d be better off if more presidents and former presidents faced prosecution.

Recommended Reading

“With the Trump Indictment, America Is a Step Closer to Being a Banana Republic” by Bill Anderson: Mises.org/RR_128_A

“Politics Is Turning Us into Idiots” by Lipton Matthews: Mises.org/RR_128_B

Anatomy of the State by Murray N. Rothbard: Mises.org/RR_128_C

“Yes, Virginia, There IS a Deep State—and It Is Worse than You Think” by Bill Anderson: Mises.org/RR_128_D

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