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Why We Need a Crash Landing

In this episode, Mark explains why we need a Crash (or very Hard) Landing in the US economy and the world economy. Specifically, why is a crash landing better to resolve the malinvestments caused by the Fed? Why is a crash landing better in many ways for the productive class of workers and savers? And, how would a crash landing place much of the pain and the overall burden on the rich, politically-connected classes?

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Additional Resources

“The Fed’s Real Mandate”: Mises.org/Minor33A

“Black Hole or Shock Absorber: How Does a Free-Market Economy Respond to Crises?”: Mises.org/Minor33B

“The REAL Solution to the Coming Economic Crisis”: Mises.org/Minor33C

“Eliminating Economic Crises”: Mises.org/Minor33D

“Austerity: A Real Solution to Help Heal the US Economy”: Mises.org/Minor33E

“US Labor Market: Help Wanted!”: Mises.org/Minor33F

“After the Boom Must Come the Bust” (Radio Rothbard): Mises.org/Minor33G

“Here’s What Mounting Corporate Layoffs Tell Us about the Economy” (Radio Rothbard): Mises.org/Minor33H

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