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Durham Report Exposes the FBI

Veteran investigative journalist James Bovard joins Ryan and Tho to talk about the Durham Report and what it tells us about the media and the FBI.

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Recommended Reading

“Durham proves that Hillary and the FBI tried to rig the 2016 election” by Jim Bovard (New York Post): Mises.org/RR_134_A

“Democrats attack FBI whistleblowers — giving cover to the agency’s abuses” by Jim Bovard (New York Post): Mises.org/RR_134_A2

“The FBI Vetoed the 2016 Presidential Election” by Jim Bovard: Mises.org/RR_134_B

“End the FBI” by Ryan McMaken: Mises.org/RR_134_C

“Yes, the FBI is America’s secret police” by Jim Bovard (The Hill): Mises.org/RR_134_D

“The FBI’s Forgotten Criminal Record” by Jim Bovard: Mises.org/RR_134_E

“Why the Worst Get on Top” by F. A. Hayek: Mises.org/RR_134_F

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