My SBCA slides stunk but I think I delivered on emphasizing a stated preference “robustness check”

I presented a paper at the SBCA meetings yesterday. The study was internally funded so I’ve been asked to present on-campus a couple of times. I started out with Google Slides for some reason (we’re a Google campus but that is not a constraint). That was a mistake. I didn’t have time to redo the slides in Powerpoint for the SBCA so I just edited the Google slides. The SBCA asked for the slides in PDF so I obliged. The PDF shrunk the slides to about 65% of the screen somehow (see below, with an added border). What? I wanted to try my Google Slides but our session was on Zoom so transition was time consuming so I just said let’s go with the PDF.

If you are wondering what I might have said … the main point of the presentation is that if you are using stated preference data and aren’t testing for attribute non-attendance (ANA) then you are missing an important robustness check (I recently realized that I need to use the “robustness check” language to get some people’s attention ([e.g., age < 40]). Our WTP estimates are cut in half when we use equality-constrained latent class models with ANA on the cost amount and scope variables. I have a list of about 5 papers I hope to write in the next year that pushes this point.

Bottom line: add this to the list of ways I’ve embarrassed myself at conferences.

Here is the presentation: Download SLR Whitehead

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